winter sale_360x270

DFS – Winter Sale

The Agency asked us to write a song for their Christmas Winter Sale ads, it must be clear, simple and ...


Samsung – Companion Stories – Trisha

Trisha’s husband tragically died in the Tsunami, this film is a story of what she did afterwards.

TVL pic

BBC – TV Licence promotion

We were asked to compose some bright and breezy Jazz, this is what we came up with.


Samsung – Companion Stories – Richy Carrasco

Richy Carrasco is one incredible 50 year old skateboarding dude, AW soundtracked this wonderful comeback tale for Samsung.

Chicken Buffalo Strips_260x270

Burger King – Buffalo Chicken Strips

Apparently, food can be a ‘dream boost’ and that’s exactly the feeling our client asked us to enhance with this ...


Zlatopramen – Sloth

Czech beer Zlatopramen asked for some music to make a Sloth dance, we gladly obliged.


BMW – Nightmares

Aurophonic Composer Damon writes a sumptuous soundtrack for the new BMW M3 USA commercial.


4OD – Baby trailer

This terrifying baby attack trailer for 4OD needed a soundtrack, we came up with just the ticket.


Acer – Cupcakes

This worldwide commercial stars Kiefer Sutherland and the music had to have the same production values, composer Damon B well ...


Channel 4 – Madfat Diaries Trailer

We were asked to remake Pulp’s ‘Common People’ for the trailer for this new Channel 4 series.


Jammie Dodgers – Jammie

According to 80′s loving Jammie, he’s “the one you love”.


GQ Spain – Mine

A very steamy film made by Alvaro de la Herran for Magazine GQ Spain, see if you can guess the ...


Jammie Dodgers – Choccie

There are three Jammie Dodger monkeys and each one required his own song to reflect his personality. Here’s Choccie.


Subway – Geniuses

The science of sandwiches is a very serious business you know.


Blossom Hill – Dallas Idents

In the little spaces in between the new re-make of Dallas and the ‘ads’, that’s where these live.

mr mozz_front_360x270

Just Eat – Supermarket

We love Mr Mozzarella, here he is with his gang of rogue chefs ‘enforcing’ in the local supermarket car park.