Olbas – The power to breathe

Médecins Sans Frontières – Ukraine Conflict appeal

I was honoured to do my bit and compose the music for this winters MSF conflict appeal

Christopher Ward

Precision 40″ for Christopher Ward.

My Online Therapy

Our music for the My Online therapy launch commercial.


Created in 2020 for L’officiel Hommes.

NHS – 111

A comedy action soundtrack was commissioned by MC Saatchi for this 2019/2020 NHS spot.


Deezer needed a cutting edge soundtrack for the Future of French Hip Hop spot, they chose a track by us.

Michelob – The Gauntlet

Michelob’s worldwide 2018 campaign needed something heavy, Aurophonic, Damon Baxter and Dimas Frias came up with this.

Too ONE – Zen

Too ONE return in 2018 with a new Zen commercial, we adapted our Voo theme to the sitar.

Sainsburys – Couples Halloween

Aurophonic Workshop was asked to soundtrack this Sainsbury’s Halloween viral commercial. We did and 5.3+ million people viewed it in 5 ...

PayPal – PayPal is new money – The Date

Aurophonic Workshop have written all the music for PayPal’s UK 2017 Summer TV campaign. Here’s ‘The Date’.

PayPal – PayPal is new money – Returns

Aurophonic Workshop have written all the music for PayPal’s UK 2017 Summer TV campaign. Here’s ‘Returns’.

Voo ONE – Taxi!

Modern life is very stressful, Voo use this thought; and our music to launch their latest mobile contracts in Belgium.

Birds Eye – Captain Birds Eye

From our archive, here’s our soundtrack to the legendary Fishy Captain’s adventures.

Disney Life – Summer Holidays with DisneyLife

Once again, we are the magic behind the magic. New music for the 2016 Disney Life summer holiday campaign.

El Corte Inglés – Alex González para Emidio Tucci 2016

El Corte Inglés hired Spanish film star Alex Gonzalez and Aurophonic workshop for their latest TV commercial.

EU – Greenweek – Invest in our future

Another in Tom Geens series of EU films. Some energetic urban self graffiti.

EU – Green week – Invest in Cities

We were approached by the very talented Tom Geens to compose some music for a man dropping green paint on ...

EY – The ripple effect of a quality audit

We were briefed to compose an intimate piano, whistle and strings piece for this EY film. Here’s the result.

David Chaudoir’s Bad Acid

The very talented Director David Chaudoir asked us to compose the soundtrack to his Horror short ‘Bad Acid’. We did. ...

Disney – Disney Life Launch

Composed for the worldwide launch of Disney’s ‘Life’ App. We are hugely proud to have composed the music for such a ...

Hoss – Intropia

Composed for the Hoss Intropia Mid Season 2015 collection.

Betway – Bring the Game to life

Betway wanted an exciting but sparse composition that left room for VO and plentiful SFX. We came up with this, ...

Avios – Do More with Avios

A surreal studio-bound setup from Avios, with a musical accompaniment composed by Aurophonic Workshop.

BBC 1 – Christmas idents 2014

Christmas 2014. We were very happy to be commissioned to create a Christmas deconstruction of Nina Simone’s ‘To Love Somebody’ in ...

DFS – Winter Sale

The Agency asked us to write a song for their Christmas Winter Sale ads, it must be clear, simple and ...

Samsung – Companion Stories – Trisha

Trisha’s husband tragically died in the Tsunami, this film is a story of what she did afterwards.

Samsung – Companion Stories – Richy Carrasco

Richy Carrasco is one incredible 50 year old skateboarding dude, AW soundtracked this wonderful comeback tale for Samsung.

BBC – TV Licence promotion

We were asked to compose some bright and breezy Jazz, this is what we came up with.

Burger King – Buffalo Chicken Strips

Apparently, food can be a ‘dream boost’ and that’s exactly the feeling our client asked us to enhance with this ...

Zlatopramen – Sloth

Czech beer Zlatopramen asked for some music to make a Sloth dance, we gladly obliged.

BMW – Nightmares

Aurophonic Composer Damon writes a sumptuous soundtrack for the new BMW M3 USA commercial.

4OD – Baby trailer

This terrifying baby attack trailer for 4OD needed a soundtrack, we came up with just the ticket.

Acer – Cupcakes

This worldwide commercial stars Kiefer Sutherland and the music had to have the same production values, composer Damon B well ...

BBC 1 – Lawns Ident

With an air of the Stepford Wives, creepy was the brief.

BBC 1 – Forest Ident

The music to this ident is composed of strings, percussion and a sprinkling of fairy dust.

BBC 1 – Helicopter Ident

BBC 1 wanted a serious mood that could be used to prime viewers for the News on this Ident.

Jammie Dodgers – Toffee

Toffee is a bit of an extrovert.

Jammie Dodgers – Jammie

According to 80’s loving Jammie, he’s “the one you love”.

FIAT – Ordinary

A major remix of Swan Lake was required for this Pan-European commercial.

Channel 4 – Gordon Ramsey ‘The F-word’

The brief: We want something funky, current, with food and chickens.

Friends of the Earth – The Big Ask

“What will happen to the Polar Bears”, that’s a good question.

Channel 4 – Jamies Great Britain Trailer

Channel 4 wanted an orchestra of kitchen instruments to play Rule Britannia so we made this and won a MASA ...

BBC Two – Starry Tent Ident

BBC 2 required a special version of their Tent idents for the first showing of Danny Boyles ‘Sunshine’ film, we ...

BBC 1 – Capes Ident re-vamp

We were asked to refresh our original music for Capes to something a bit bigger sounding, this is what happened.

Crabs – Jim Hosking

We were asked to compose a track for this little section of Jim Hoskings Short ‘Crabs’.

Matt Clark / Ross Neil – Spiral

Late at night on the tube, two strangers eyes meet and very odd things start to happen.

Lotus Freshness – Clean Freak

Ladies with a penchant for toilet paper tell it like it is.

Waste Awareness Wales – Not Magic

Inspired by 1970’s stopframe animation, this magical Mike Stephenson directed film was a pleasure to be involved with.

Subway – Geniuses

The science of sandwiches is a very serious business you know.

02 – Faceless

Directed by Cockney vs Zombie director Matthias Hoene.

BBC 1 – Capes Ident Original

The original ‘Capes’.

BBC 1 – Dr Who Christmas Ident

At Dr Who’s pinnacle we were commissioned to compose this big number for BBC1’s peak time Christmas schedule ident.

Roksanda Ilincic – A Poem for A

‘Room Tone’ was the inspiration for the music on this fashion short. The idea for the film came from the ...

Jayne Pierson – Twin Parrallels

Swans, glittery dresses, Cuckoo’s and fruit…

Bruce Mclean – Soup

British Sculptor, Performance Artist and Painter Bruce Mclean and Director Justin Anderson made a film, we did the music; here ...

Jammie Dodgers – Choccie

There are three Jammie Dodger monkeys and each one required his own song to reflect his personality. Here’s Choccie.

Channel 4 – Madfat Diaries Trailer

We were asked to remake Pulp’s ‘Common People’ for the trailer for this new Channel 4 series.

Armani – Chase

The second of three Giorgio Armani fashion shorts is a hot pursuit through the streets of a modern Italian city.

GQ Spain – Mine

A very steamy film made by Alvaro de la Herran for Magazine GQ Spain, see if you can guess the ...

Blossom Hill – Dallas Idents

In the little spaces in between the new re-make of Dallas and the ‘ads’, that’s where these live.

Armani – Bike

Giorgio Armani commissioned three fashion shorts from Director Justin Anderson, here’s Bike. Don’t forget your clips.

Stella Artois – Claude vs Pierre

Beautiful looking film with some louche Hammond playing as its soundtrack.

Just Eat – Supermarket

We love Mr Mozzarella, here he is with his gang of rogue chefs ‘enforcing’ in the local supermarket car park.